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Customer Order Tracking Version 4 Demo

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As your StoreFront customer orders are completed, their details are automatically inserted into the Customer Order Tracking tables with the default value of "Pending" for both shipper & tracking number. No tedious hand entry.

Below are some screenshots of the various administration pages and a brief description of their functions & features.

#1. Main View, the first screen displayed when opening the Customer Order Tracking administration, lists all uncompleted orders, meaning those orders for which tracking information has not been yet entered.

Updating, deleting, or copying records can be done directly from this screen. Pressing UPDATE writes the changes to the database. Pressing COPY creates an identical record for when you need to enter multiple tracking numbers for a single order number. Clicking the icon next to Ship Date brings up a calendar window that allows you to select a date to be entered into the form automatically.

Putting a check mark in the "Done" column and pressing UPDATE archives the record as completed and sends an email to the customer with a link back to your Order Tracking page. Be sure that you have provided a Shipper & Tracking # before setting the record to "done." The page is then automatically refreshed and the list shows the remaining uncompleted records.

Below is a screen capture of the footer included on every page of Order Tracking v4. It allows for easy one-click access to all functions and tasks within the application.

#2. List View shows all Order Tracking records including completed records. Clicking on any part of a displayed records takes you to Form View for that record.

#3. Form View allows you to edit existing records, create new records, or delete records. This is the interface you would use to enter non-StoreFront shipping records to allow your "brick & mortar" or off-line customers to check their shipping status online.

Note that setting a record's Done field to False will force it to be displayed in the listing of "uncompleted" records (see #1). Setting a record's Done field to True from this screen bypasses the customer email notification (no mail is sent to the customer).

#4. Search View allows you to search by Order Number, Customer Name, and/or Customer Email for a specific record. The search results are displayed below the search input as links in the same manner as List View. Clicking on a link will take you to that record in Form View for editing (see #3).

Below is a capture of the layout of the Search View results. Similar to List View (see #2) except for an additional column. The Check column will contain a globe icon for each record that has both a shipper and tracking number assigned. The icon links to the shipper's site to enable a quick lookup of the shipment status. Makes a great customer service tool as all you need to check the shipping status is either the customer name, their email address, or the order number.

#5. Import/Export functions allow you to automate the import & export of tracking number information from 3rd party tools. Shipping address information can be exported from your StoreFront database in comma-delimited text for import to your 3rd party tool. You can choose to export all "uncompleted" orders or select individual records for export.

After you have processed the orders using your 3rd party tool, you can export a comma-delimited text file from that 3rd party tool for import back into Order Tracking v4. The default action is to simply import the tracking information for review and completion using Main View. If you prefer to fully automate the import process (send mail & set Done = True for each imported record), an alternate version of the import routine is provided with that functionality.

#6. Database Utilities allow you to delete old records from your database based on a date range you select. In addition, you can run a "Compact & Repair" on your database to optimize its file size and performance (Access database only).

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