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Free StoreFront Add-Ons (47582 downloads to-date)
ASP in HTM downloaded 4553 times
Allows you to have ASP results in an HTM page. Uses JavaScript to call an asp file that will contain whatever ASP you need run. Perfect for having random products (hint, hint) or running cart total on static HTM pages.  See a demo here

download free ASP in HTM script Download it here.

Simple Download SF5 downloaded 4034 times
This add-on is meant to be used on sites using real-time payment processing. It creates a link to paid download files in the customer email notification. The link in the email takes them to page on your site that determines what file to deliver and sends it to the client's browser. Client is prompted to save the file while hiding the actual location of the file.

While simple to install, this free add-on requires that you organize your downloadable products in a specific way. Product IDs for download products must begin with "DLD." The actual path & file name are stored in the Vendor Name field for each of those products. More information about the requirements are in the readme file included with the add-on.

download free Simple Paid File Download script Download it here.

Search Box SF5 downloaded 14 times
This free ASP script is an easy way to add a Keyword Search to any page on your site; both ASP and HTM. Contains a keyword text search box and submit button. Laid out horizontally to fit nicely in your page headers & footers. No special configuration needed. Just copy the code directly into your page where you want it to display.

download free Search Box script Download it here.

Inventory List SF5AE downloaded 3828 times
Produces a simple list of products, inventory level, and inventory flag. Supports Attribute inventory levels. It will only list those products that have inventory tracking turned on. StoreFront 5 AE only. Table layout is as follows:

Product IDProduct NameAttribute NameIn StockLow Flag

download free Inventory List script Download it here.

Multiple Domain Redirect downloaded 3713 times
If you have multiple domain names aliased to your site, but require that one be "dominant" as in cases where an SSL certificate is installed, then this script will be useful. It parses the incoming request and if it is not the dominant domain name, redirects using the dominant domain name. This script is querystring friendly too! Just change the Const sMyDom to your dominant domain name. You can either add this script to every asp entrance page or integrate it into your global.asa.

download free Multiple Domain Redirect script Download it here.

Mailing List Subscribers downloaded 3833 times
Quick and easy listing (and count) of all customers who have subscribed to your StoreFront 2000 mailing list. Lists both name & email address with the address hyperlinked so you can send an email directly from the listing. Used in tandem with promo_mail (each open in a separate window), you can review & remove invalid email addresses. StoreFront 2000 only.

download free Mailing List Subscribers script Download it here.

List Categories & Manufacturers downloaded 3794 times
This one is for site management. This script will list all your existing Categories and Manufacturers from your database as a handy reference when you are adding products. Especially helpful in making sure you're not inadvertently adding a "new" category by misspelling an existing one. Features two columns listing your Categories & Manufacturers (25 per column) with independent paging* within the columns. Requires no configuration. Just upload to your site and open in your browser. StoreFront 2000 only.

download free Categories and Manufacturers listing script Download it here.

Items in Your Cart downloaded 7776 times
This free ASP script is an easy way to add the number of items and a running subtotal of your customer's cart contents. Adapted from the Stokes Web example, this mod uses only one file as an include. Instructions included. StoreFront 2000 only.

download free items in your cart script Download Access version heredownloaded 4076 times
download free items in your cart script Download SQL version here. downloaded 3700 times

Send Page to Friend downloaded 4399 times
This free ASP script is an easy way to add "Send this page" links on any web page. Requires that you have CDONTS mail service available on your server. One setting that you will need to edit is your site name. Instructions included.

download free send page to friend script Download it here.

Quick Search downloaded 3987 times
This free ASP script is an easy way to add a Category & Keyword Search to any ASP page. Contains a drop-down menu of your Categories, keyword text search box and submit button. Laid out horizontally to fit nicely in your page headers & footers. No special configuration needed. StoreFront 2000 only.

Sites using QS:

download free quick search script Download it here.

Meta Tag Generator downloaded 3834 times
This free ASP script can be made to pull your Categories from your product database and write them out as your meta tag keywords. Requires basic configuration.

While building a new site for a client, I extended the meta tag script to also create a drop-down jump menu made up of all the categories in the store DB. I mean you've already got the recordset open, why not put it to work a second time?

Click here for a code example starting from the keyword meta tag.

Designed for use with any version of StoreFront 2000. Can be used with StoreFront 99, but may require modification.

download free meta tag generator Download it here.
Updated 10/10/2000:
Automatically removes quote and apostrophe characters from your keywords.

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