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SESSIONREFRESH Product Marketing InterWeb Technologies
Session Refresh for SF5 & 2000

The problem: If your customer does not initiate some ASP activity on your site for 20 minutes the cart contents will be lost. If you have a large range of products on your site and there is a good possibility of customers adding many items to the cart, it is likely that your customer may take a coffee break or pause during the order process. If they're gone for 20 minutes or more they will come back to see an empty cart. After spending a fair amount of time adding items to their cart, they most likely will not do it again.

The solution: Lost sales and customer frustration can be avoided with an automated Session Refresh system that doesn't require user intervention. If a customer's Session is at risk of expiring, this add-on will keep it alive as long as their browser is open to your site. It also automatically records the page (and search query string) where they came from and presents a link to return to that page. Works with both ASP & HTM pages.

Easy to install; Just upload one new ASP page & add a snippet of JavaScript code to all other pages. Installation is available, however cost varies due to number of pages, site design requirements, etc.

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InterWeb Technologies accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express