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Screen shot of New Social Movement Network web siteNew Social Movement Network
The New Social Movement Network site was born out of local community organizing efforts that branched out into the international arena. Their primary forum for communication is a subscription email list. Used as a resource for subscribers, the site has grown over the years to include an extensive archive of related papers and resource links. Advanced features include a custom database application to manage the resource links pages. InterWeb provided design, hosting, promotion, and maintenance services. This site closed in October 2007.

Screen shot of Keythings web
This site exemplifies our custom cutting-edge web design and database programming. An ASP e-commerce solution with secure real-time credit card authorization, Keythings sports a sophisticated customer registration application and tie-ins with the client's back office business systems.

This site closed 8/30/2006. InterWeb Technologies provided Universal Locator Services (dba Keythings) with web design, maintenance, hosting, and promotion services for over 6 years.

Client Testimonial: I began working with InterWeb Technologies after my personal expertise ran out. I have several Web development tools that I used but I was never satisfied with my results. My goal was to own my own site, not just use someone else's software and web hosting facilities. I relayed to Scott March of InterWeb Technologies what I wanted the site to look like and how I wanted it to function. I have several unique inventory requirements that are not readily available. He built the site in record time and I am very happy with the results. It is simple on the outside but still has the sophistication I require underneath. I highly recommend InterWeb Technologies and particularly the talents of Scott March.
Michael White
Universal Locator Services

Leadership SolutionsLeadership Solutions
Leadership Solutions, Inc., knows what it takes to be an effective leader in today's organizations. Expanding their business to the web includes online testing tools to enhance their already top-notch leadership assessment curricula. InterWeb Technologies continues to provide Leadership Solutions with web design, hosting, maintenance, and promotion services.
Family web site features real-time chat and a forum for posting family news.
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