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maintenance keeps your site freshSite maintenance is the day-to-day housekeeping that keeps your site fresh. You've got your site up. Now what? How are you going to keep it current? It takes a lot of time just to gather the updates, much less put them up on your site. That is where a site maintenance agreement with a professional web design company pays off.

Time Savings
You send us the material (by e-mail, phone, fax, or post). We put it up on your site. Expired content is removed. You (and your staff) are freed from the hassle of updating your site.

New material? Where does it fit into your site? Professional site maintenance keeps your site from becoming a hodgepodge of confusing links.

Traffic Analysis
Who is visiting your site? What pages are most popular? Monthly analysis of your site's traffic, with easy to read reports that spell out just how your site is doing is available at additional charge.

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